Orthodontic treatment can also improve your facial appearance as it brings teeth and lips into proportion. In this way Orthodontic treatment can play a major role in your personal and professional life.

Starting Orthodontic treatment can be confusing, as choices vary and treatment decisions last a long time. The team at Enhance Orthodontics will help you to make an informed decision about the health and appearance of your smile and work with you, as a team, to achieve optimal results.

Early Treatment (modify jaw growth)/ Functional Appliances:

Braces / Different Types of Braces:
  • Invisalign
  • Clear Braces / Ceramic Braces (Uppers only, with new tooth-coloured wires). Adult braces.
  • Metal (Speed Braces)
  • Stainless steel ± colours (self ligating braces)
  • Gold
  • Invisible braces. Lingual (on the inside of the upper teeth)

Surgical movement of the jaws with braces

Jaw expansion appliances: